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Physical and Chemical diagnostics for the analysis of materials

Registration: REA RM-1479295
C.F./P.IVA (VAT number) 13870011007


portable device, based on the soft X-ray technique SELEX,
for black plastics recognition

Products and services offered

Development of non destructive techniques (NDT), both spectroscopic and imaging, using X-ray, VUV, visible techniques for materials analysis

Design and realisation of custom-based configurations for X-ray radiography, microtomography, fluorescence and diffractometry

Detection and dosimetry of ionizing radiation (alpha, beta, gamma, neutrons, ions, hadrons…)

Development of algorithms, data analysis and software

Contribution to research projects in the fields of competence

Setup of phisical and chemical laboratories in industrial environments and in schools

Training of SME personnel in the field of physics, measurement processes, ionizing radiation, dosimetry and in the specific activities of X-VUV diagnostics


Italian Patent N 102017000147374

Innovative X-ray diagnostic instrument able to identify black plastic materials, and quantify additives and fillers included in the matrix, from Automotive and WEEE (Waste of Electric and Electronic Equipment). This technique can discriminate also metals and circuit boards.

SELEX is a spectroscopic X-ray diagnostics developed for black plastics from WEEE and automotive.

Main characteristics

  • Non-destructive technique
  • Combination of fluorescence and selective X-ray Transmission and Absorption
  • Enhanced sensitivity to density
  • Exploitation of a secondary physics processes
  • Simple layout

Black plastics represent an important and growing fraction of WEEE and automotive waste. Black plastics cannot be automatically identified and recycled.Therefore, they have to be stored and/or burned with great danger of polluting the environment.

No automatic technique is available for black plastics recognition and discrimination.

Spectroscopic techniques such as NIR and RAMAN, that are used effectively for coloured plastics do not work with black plastics.

SELEX is an innovative technique utilising soft X-rays to discriminate black plastics. With this technique polymers, fillers and additives are identified and quantified in any type of transparent/coloured/black plastics, without previous treatment of the sample.

The SELEX technique has been implemented in a portable device for random and quality tests. It is now available for purchase.

Next step is to develop automated systems based on SELEX, for waste recycling in large sorting plants.

In 2017 Diamatex was awarded booster funds from the European Institute of Technology (EIT), within the KIC-RAW Materials programme, to launch the Company and develop the Selex prototype.

A few parameters are shown below as examples, for pure polymers and for PP with fillers, as function of thickness s (mm) of the plastics

SELEX can recognize (once put in its database) at the same time:
Fillers: Calcium carbonate, talc, barium sulfate…(with precision of 1 % or even better)
Reinforcers: fiber glass
Fluidificants: Zinc or Calcium stearate
Flame ratardants: phosphates or Bromin compounds
Mineral colorants: Ti oxide, Fe oxides, compounds with Cr, Ni, Cd…
Pollutants or critical elements: Lead, Bormine, Antimony….

Dr. Danilo Pacella

Dr. Danilo Pacella

Scientific responsible and Project leader

PhD in Physics in Rome 1987. Senior Researcher. Expert in plasma physics, in X-ray detection, spectroscopy, imaging and related techniques (tomography, fluorescence), ionizing radiation

Dr. Federica Causa

Dr. Federica Causa

Responsible for data analysis, modelling and software developme

Degree in Physics in Milano 1993, PhD in Engineering in 1998 at Bath (UK). Researcher, expert in optoelectronics, materials science, photonics and modelling

Dr. Gerardo Claps

Dr. Gerardo Claps

Responsible for laboratory and hardware setup and controls

Degree in Physics 2008 in Bari, PhD in Physics in Rome in 2015. Post-doc Researcher. Expert in ionizing radiation detection (gammas, neutrons, electrons) and X-ray detectors

Dr. Ubaldo Pacella

Dr. Ubaldo Pacella


PhD in Italian Literature in Rome in 1978. Journalist and Syndicalist, expert in contracts and Administration


mobile: +39 3470815003
address: Via delle Grotte 2001, 00067, Morlupo (Rome)
registration: REA RM-1479295 C.F./P.IVA (VAT number) 13870011007